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Default Hyundai Coupe 04 FAULT

Hyundai not just a badge, also a crap car and service.

If possible you need to make all your readers aware of this possible fault with the Hyundai coupe, my car is a 2L se and is 04 reg, it was bought brand new and driven off the forecourt of our local Hyundai dealer in Rushden, N'hants.
The vehicle was returned to the Hyundai garage for a few minor repairs and then returned to us on Tuesday 27 Sept 05, the car was reversed onto our drive and the cars engine turned off, the vehicle handbrake fully applied, my drive is on a very very slight slope, the dealer came to the door and my wife went out to inspect the car, after about 2 minutes of looking around the car (with no movement) there was a loud bang from the car and the car shot back towards our house at a speed as if the car was being reversed, the car travelled straight through our garage door of which was double locked and scraped down the wall taking the delivery guy with it causing him grazing to his arms.
Hyundai sent out engineer to look at the car and the site who stated that "there was a fault with the vehcile and it wasent driver error" we are lucky that the dealer was here when this happened (and almost got run over trying to stop the car).
Please advise your readers to contact their dealer and get their vehicles checked immediately, this was not a case of the handbrake not being applied correctly but a fault that may cost a lot of money, the garage have taken the car back and have been able to recreate the problem by applying the handbrake and pushing it at an angle thus releasing the handbrake, the cable has not snapped but Hyundai are trying to hush this up and from admitting that there was a fault now say the handbrake may of worn out after 1 years of use as it may not have been used correctly!!!
it's lucky that my wife and 4 month old son were not stood behind the vehicle at the time, Hyundai are trying to get a hold on the UK car sales with their latest TV ad compains but are selling death traps!
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Default Re: Hyundai Coupe 04 FAULT

anyone else experience this "Minor" incident in which the e-brake had mal-functioned, if anything i'm gona look into the recalls and see if one has been issued for this specific malfunction...

Matt when they inspected the car after it had shot back was the e-brake still up or did the ebrake go back to it's normal resting possition on its own??? Can you give us some very specific details on this?? please.. I don't mean to pry but this information can be useful

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Default Re: Hyundai Coupe 04 FAULT

You also should always turn the front wheels such that the wheels will roll into the curb when parking on an incline (or so the car will roll off the road if there's no curb), and put the shifter into gear (or park if it's an Auto). Emergency brakes are not very effective in reverse (less than half as effective as they are in the forwards direction), they are not designed to hold a car on an incline in reverse.

Aside from that it sounds like a mechanical failure so it was holding until the lever released itself. If the wheels were turned and/or the car was in gear this would not have happened the way it did. I'm glad you and your family are safe and weren't harmed. It would be nice to have some more details too though.

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Default Re: Hyundai Coupe 04 FAULT

never happened to me... odd... any BTW a death trap would be if it caught fire while you were inside, not an e-brake malfunction...
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Default Re: Hyundai Coupe 04 FAULT

i'd like to see you make a hundred thousand of something and have 0 flaws. every decent company distributes crap products from time to time, QC isnt flawless, how they handle the situation is what makes or breaks them. dont blame the manufacturer because your dealer doesnt know how to engage a handbrake. if anything this post is a declaration of the inability of the workforce in your area. blame your local idiots, not hyundai.
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Default Re: Hyundai Coupe 04 FAULT

to be honest, shot back like being driven in reverse? Sounds like you have an automatic and left in in reverse instead of park or N.

I would claim this as driver error, and yes, .I am glad that no one was hurt

i am outta here
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