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Technical Forums

Forced Induction and Nitrous Discussion

Thinking about going turbo? Thinking about adding NOS? Get all your technical questions answered here from others that have already gone turbo and NOS.
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  • 4.6M

NA Tuning and Hybrid Forum

Want to swap your motor? Bought a CAI, header, exhaust, matched intake manifold, and a nice set of cams, so now what? Find out how to make them all work together for the most power possible.
34.7K 5.1M
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  • 5.1M

Suspension and Brakes Tweaking

Are you an autocross fan? Want to find out how to fine tune your suspensions components? Ever wonder what the difference is between sway bars and strut bars? All these questions and more answered here.
11.6K 1.8M
  • 11.6K
  • 1.8M

Wheels & Tires

Discuss your Wheel & Tire topics here with the experts! Sponsored by Discount Tire
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Strategy & Technique 101

Getting the world of autocrossing and don't know what class to run or how to drive the course? Or are you going to a big car show and want to know all the best tips for presenting your car to a judge?
1.5K 390K
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Model Specific Forums

RD, GK, and New Tiburon

Get all the questions you have about the Tiburon answered here. Find out why the Tiburon is Korea's most popular tuning platform.
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Hyundai's little champ. While this car may be small with a 1.5L entry level engine, it responds very well to aftermarket modifications and is among the favorites for Hyundai tuners.
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Later models (96-up) of this 4-door share their Beta engines and chassis with the Tiburon. Earlier Mistubishi-based Elantras (92-95) are perfect candidates for the popular 4g63t motor swap, which turns the Elantra into a real sleeper. These characteristics make the Elantra a great car for those who want sports car performance with family car flexibility.
33.9K 6.3M
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Sonata and XG300/XG350

The Sonata (around since 1989) and XG300/XG350 (new for 2002) pickup the near-luxury segment for Hyundai. Find out where to get all the luxuries Korea is holding back on (HID, navigation systems, etc.) and how to tune your Sonata or XG for performance.
5.4K 1.9M
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Santa Fe and Tucson

Hyundai's Sport Utility Vehicles. The Santa Fe shares the same 2.7L Delta V6 engine as the new 2003 Tiburon and comes with optional All Wheel Drive while the Tucson is available with the 2.7L Delta V6 or the 2.0L Beta, both with AWD.
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Genesis Coupe

Forum dedicated to the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Be sure to also check out
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General Forums Site Issue Forum

Post any questions, concerns, and issues you are having with the site here.
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Newbie Forum

New to the forums, Hyundai's or cars in general? Ask all your n00b questions in here without having to worry about veterans getting pissed off at your newbie questions.
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Industry News & Press Releases

Updated by the Hyundai Performance Administrators, this forum contains updated industry news and press releases.
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All Things Hyundai

If you have a topic that is Hyundai related in some way you feel is worth mentioning, but it doesn't fit into any of the other categories, post it here.
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Fastest Car in the World

Let everybody know about your best times you ran at the track or all the fast cars you beat last weekend racing. Just remember, other members won't believe you beat a Viper GTS with your stock Accent.
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  • 18.2K
  • 1.5M

Looks to Kill

Need a bodykit for your car and want other people's opinions? Or do you just like looking at pictures of cars with bodykits? Either way, find out everything cosmetic-related with your Hyundai here.
18.8K 1.9M
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Post pics of your car or other Hyundai's for everybody to drool over. Make sure you describe what's in the pictures to make it easier to browse the cars without going into the topic (ie: 4doorGL's 1999 Accent GL).
33.5K 3.2M
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  • 3.2M

Maintenance and Help

Get all your questions about general maintenance answered here. Also, if your car has broken down recently, you can find help here.
20.2K 5M
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Sounds & Security

So what's the difference between a 2ohm and 4ohm speaker and what can it do to your amp if it's connected improperly? Find that out along with people's opinions on your current setup or a setup you plan on purchasing.
11.8K 1.5M
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  • 1.5M
Vendors Special sales, group buys and product announcements from our supporting vendors. This section is for vendors that help support our website. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]

Vendor Deals

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Off-Topic Forums


If it has nothing to do with any of the other forums, post it here.
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The Video Vault

Post links to some good videos here. Common sense is the rule for this section.
916 301K
  • 916
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Let everyone know what really makes you angry. WARNING: This forum may contain language and/or images you find offensive. No personal attacks will be tolerated.
45K 2.4M
  • 45K
  • 2.4M

For Sale/Wanted

Empty out your garage here or buy extra stuff for your car. This forum is for personal sales only. All business sales please contact site administration for approval.
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Site Suggestions

What do you think could make this site better?
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Test out your new signatures and images here. Posts will be deleted after about 5 days.
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Regional Forums

U.S. Pacific

California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho
6.1K 611K
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  • 611K

U.S. West

Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana
1.2K 217K
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U.S. South Central

Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas
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U.S. Midwest

Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska
2.5K 401K
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  • 401K

U.S. North East

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachussets, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, DC
5.3K 593K
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  • 593K

U.S. South East

Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
2.6K 423K
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Those north of the border
6.7K 945K
  • 6.7K
  • 945K


For all our friends in Oz Land on the other side of the world
13.8K 1.7M
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Everywhere Else

Just like the title says, all other regions of the world
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