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  1. Maintenance and Help
    My engine has a bad knock and I was wondering what were the possible compatible engines with the transmission. I know i can get any 03 or 04 swap the engine ecu and what not but could I put an accent or what.
  2. Sonata and XG300/XG350
    Howdy all. I've got a G6CU fresh from the dealership with only 20k miles on it. Where do I start for performance? I would like to increase low end torque and increase overall top end power. I am comfortable with spending a grand or two, and I can do my own work on the motor. Where do I start?
  3. Elantra
    Hi I got a 07 elantra 5 speed beta 2 2.0l and when I rev the car up it makes a metallic ticking noise from the passenger side of the engine bay around the timing belt area possibly any ideas or suggestions help i had it for a week and it started with this ive had the valve cover off and timing...
  4. Sounds & Security
    hi, please excuse any miss information as i’m new here and don’t really know how this works. but i’m trying to figure out some things about my car and what engines may be compatible with it after researching it seems to me that my car is not all that common and is not mentioned to often. it’s...
1-4 of 4 Results