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  1. Accent/Excel/S-Coupe
    I have a 2011 accent gl manual. It’s a commuter car ,beat up 190,000+ miles on it. Before it goes I wanted to add some power to it. I’m not expecting much if anything . This would be more for fun than anything. I was thinking an exhaust and headers. Does anyone have any experience with...
  2. Sonata and XG300/XG350
    Hey yall, so I have a 2012 sonata turbo. I've been added power for a while now and I know that with a trans cooler I can make about 350 to the wheels, the goal is to make 450 though. Who can I get to I guess built proof my trans. I talked to speed 10 and they don't make anything for my car...
  3. Sonata and XG300/XG350
    Howdy all. I've got a G6CU fresh from the dealership with only 20k miles on it. Where do I start for performance? I would like to increase low end torque and increase overall top end power. I am comfortable with spending a grand or two, and I can do my own work on the motor. Where do I start?
1-3 of 3 Results