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0-100 kmph?

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Hi just thought I would ask for everybodys 0-100 kmph time. I will start. 10.25 seconds. I only have the exhaust done(2.25 inch sports system). I have larger tires on ATM, spose to be 195/50 15 atm I have 195/60 15, this robs HP aparently.:ermm:
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i think it was bull **** but i gotta 7.5 on a cold nite
Going off g-tech aye? i remeber it was somthing like 7.8secs in the J2 1.8 with and exhaust and intake.
G-tech said 7.7. but yeah.. same dif.
Damn I thought I was doin allright. Well looks like I will need to do something else to get a little more HP. Dyno says I am pushing 91.6 HP ATM. I think I need to do some ECU type of upgrade. Any sugestions? Were, what and of course how much?
Any info please. I am in Brisbane area.:|
You have a 93, this is the one with the mitsu engine. This means mad power if you do a 4g swap, or use a DSM turbo. That should be your upgrade. Im not talking about 20 hosepower, im think of 120 added horsepower. :evil:
0-100ks 5.05Seconds car has been rdp enhanced kit 2 360kw.. 3.5''twin cat from the dump exhaust system , 600hp fuel pump with 600cc injectors,platinum sparkys , blow off valve ,rdp`s computer and boost solonoid, air intake piping and modified air box with splitfire pod filter..
Ohh yeah its a XR6 TURBO hehe :p ( Next Week at WSID it will do its first Run ) So come cheak it out :D

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