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01 elantra brakes, rotors, everything

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Ok im sick of this... i have an 01 elantra and this is going to be my second set of brakes... And of course i need new everything since hyundai grinded the rotors last time i need a new set rotors, pads, shoes, and whatever goes with a brake job.. Yea first brake job at hyundai was over 500 and now when i get this done i need to drop almost another 600... is it even worth it... i dont need brakes... but anyways to my question... What can i do, if i dont wanna get it done by "pros"? Where can i look to find all the parts i need, websites and stuff? and what does everyone suggest as far as rotors, and everything... Im not mechanically inclined or anything so i can do this by myself and my friend has a car lift so that would help a ton...Any help would be greatly appreciated! its a 01 gls elantra...
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