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01 RD Tib virgin... Please be gentle!

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Howdy, all! Just bought a 2001 I4 2.0 5-spd Tiburon yesterday and love it already! I do have a few concerns, though. Being so used to my previous car (Ford Probe I4 2.0 with I,H,E) I am kind of worried about (1) my car really bucks and shakes at idle. Feels like my Probe did after I replaced the motor mounts with poly mounts although the mounts on my Tib are stock. At times, it seems like it is misfiring, because it is a very rythmic shake. Is this normal, or something I should look into? And (2) Taking off in first gear seems like I am starting off in 2nd. After getting to about 3-4000 RPM, it seems to get power back, then the same until 3-4000 RPM in second. Again, something that I need to address or "just how the car operates?" Any help is much appreciated!!
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Try replacing the plugs and wires. That usually fixes most misfires. If that doesn't fix it, it's a coil. I've replaced the coil packs on 2 different '01 Tibs, so it's not uncommon.
Plugs and wires were just done it seems. (Wires are bright blue NGK, and plugs are in good shape.) I will look into having the coil replaced since I got a warranty. Does the 01 seem to take off really slow in your opinion?
probaly cause (if no probs with car) you dont know how to drive this kind of car yet. was ur probe a manual if it wasnt its possible that u might not be very good with manual cars yet.
I flew airplanes from the age of 6. I started my "driving career" on 5-6 speeds. I refuse to drive automatics, unless completely necessary (like my rental car right now) I know that the accelleration is different. My Probe(s) are all manual, and it seems that they get off the ground quicker. I took my Tib in for service, and found out that their is a fuel/air problem that is being addressed as we speak. The throttle body needed "maintainance" and the fuel system had to be cleaned, on top of thermo. being replaced (started overheating suddenly Sunday night) Hopefully when I get the car back today, it runs like a champ. If this service clears my problem, I will post and let you all know.
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