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03 instrument cluster in 00?

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will a 03 cluster fit in a 00? it looks the same except the digital odometer
if it fits can u get the odo to work?
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I have done it. It works perfect except the abs light wich has to be rewired outside the cluster and the fuel gauge shows different because the different fuel sender from 00 to 04 accent.

I have it for over 1 year now, no problems but a lot of pain with rewiring everything. The wires can be found on
It will work, but unfortunately, the cluster will display the mileage from the donor car, not from you'll have to go to the dealer and get them to put an "odometer swap" entry on your vehicle's title, so you're not committing odometer fraud if the donor car had less miles than yours does, and so you can prove the actual mileage of yours if the donor had more miles.
Some tips:
1)The fuel gauge will show 1/4 when you're empty. You have to change the fuel sender with the newer one.
2)The trip computer won't work but I think it will if you change the fuel sender because our fuel sender uses one cable for the empty warning light and the newer model uses it for computing.
3)The abs light has to be connected by using the cables and a bulb outside the cluster and not to connect it by using the pcb's lines.

The real deal is the fuel sender from the 04+ model in order for the cluster to work properly. Also you have to remove the speedometer cable and buy a VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) from the 04 model and rewire it.
This is pretty much it.
Have fun :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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