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Forum seems kinda slow so I thought I'd post here. Building an 03 Tiburon gt. Mods so far

  • Reflashed ecu
  • Cai
  • 2.5 catback
  • Deleted 3rd cat
  • Gasket matched upper and lower IMs
  • Gutted 300 pounds (and still have spare and jack inside)

Future mods:
  • 60mm throttle body
  • Crower cams
  • Headers
  • Convert to single exhaust

Staying N/A for now might go F/I if me and the miss get a 3rd car. These seem to not last long F/I and I'd assume as a daily that would be the wrong move.

I want this car to be a no show all go car aesthetically I've only done

  • Taillights
  • Shark racing CF fuel door
  • Couple stickers

Hoping to get the car down to about 2600 pounds and up to 230 whp.

Not the best pictures but there's the air intake I moved as far as I could from bay.

Picture of the aesthetics and slight badge switch

Then a picture of the engine showing the upper and lower IMs you can tell the lower is modified because people only ever paint the upper ;).

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Hi guys I'm still here sometimes. Yeah man nice work on that air filter and getting cold air. They say every 10° that you can cool the incoming air is worth one horsepower. That's in Fahrenheit.

So I've been thinking for a minute trying to figure out what fi means cuz I naturally think fuel injection. But I know your car is injected. And just as I was about to ask a dumb question it hit me.... Forced induction.

I put a turbo on my 2000 2.0 l. I only made the car heavier by welding in reinforcements: subframe connectors, strut Tower braces , K braces, tons of gauges and moved he battery to the trunk. Stock bottom end of that thing took 15 lb of boost All Summer Long. I have three cars so I don't drive it all the time but I have insurance on it and can drive it whenever I want.

.... Anyway it had about 2:30 horsepower and I could do a 14 second quarter mile 14 0 and change,. At 89 mph.

Have you ever been to a racetrack and been down ta drag strip?
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