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The dualmass flywheel in our tiburons, should the inner 'wheel' have any movement to it when the main mass isnt moving? I can rotate the inner wheel almost a full inch in either direction and i can press it in towards the engine almost 1/8th of an inch with no effort.

I replaced my clutch this weekend because all gears were resisting my shifts when warmed up and shifting was near impossible when the car was cold. I didnt replace the flywheel at the time, looked to be in good shape. After replacing it, its now impossible to shift into any gear when the car is running. If I put it in gear and then start the car you can hear faint odd noises from the transmission, hard to describe them though. Reving the engine with the clutch pressed while the transmission is in gear results in a loud whine/rubbing sound.

Ive taken the engine back out and the clutch apart, the new clutch kit looks fine and infact when set next to the old clutch, pads, etc they look almost identical. As in I should of gotten alot more life out of the old clutch.

I've replaced the slave cylinder, bled it several times, we even manually attempted to disengage the clutch with a screw driver on the fork arm, no luck.

So, the first question stands, should there be any movement of the inner wheel on the flywheel to our cars? Thanks in advance.
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