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06 Accent 1.6 Intake Exhaust Questions

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Hi again, normally I try and search for old stuff like is usually reccomended but just wanted to ask a few qestions as my searching isnt turning up much:

1. Regarding intakes on the accent has anyone tried the K&N intake: price for me in canada is $189 but I can get 50% off knowing someone that works there, still seems a little high.

that one seems like a mix of a short ram but being fed supposedly cool air from that hose (as stated in the instructions, but I have my doubts)

I think my best bet is to just go with some muffler shop pipe ($50? max for maybe 2 pieces max 2.5-3" pipe, wouldnt make sense to go bigger than the TB opening size) and a K&N filter (about $35 for a 3" CAD)

I also noticed something wierd looking at all the pics of ppl's intake is that even though I think I have the same engine 1.6L 16v the plastic cover on mine looks pretty different, all black with recessed holes for the screws.

Dealer calls it a 2006 gs, door sticker says 2005, and the body styling looks like 2004 (from what I can tell web searching) how many years did that accent use the same style?

and a big noob question what is LC1 and 2? :(

now for exhaust the only thing I have found is:
which seems to have questionable fitment and I dont really wanna pay that kind of price just for something that looks nice and shiny stainless, (cept the headers)

also found:

now there its under the catagory 2000-2005 accent (but i'm not sure what the hell mine is, ill try to get the engine code after)

and the bosal header pipe w/ flex pipe says the app' is 2000-2002.

i'm gonna go by a muffler shop pretty soon and see whats going on under there but just wondering in the mean time is there any o2 censors after the cat? ive only noticed the one that comes right off the header right before the cat which seems to be part of the header which is kinda wierd but whatever.

and is there any other O2 censors or second cat, i've seen a chamber some ways down the exhaust pipe refered to as a second cat and as a pre muffler / resonator just wondering if anyone knows for sure.

my basic plan is if I can find just your basic 4-2-1 or 4-1 bolt on header go with just a high flow cat in place of that first muffler thing (assuming there is no post converter O2 censors that will get a bad reading) and just crappy muffler shop galvanized pipe maybe 2.25" or 2.5" depending on header size to a flowmaster 40 or glasspack/muffler combo.

But I can't find any headers like that anywhere except for the evofusion and flexpipe thing or that crap link I found with no picture.

also its on lease under warranty, does anyone know what kind of mods void the warranty? I would immagine that anything before the stock cat would maybe the intake stuff, but im not sure.

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for exhaust, just get the evofusion catback and header, that is pretty much the only option for LC2's right now, unless you go custom...
for intake, cosmoracing is one of the most popular, accents seem to respond better to the short ram intake as oposed to the CAI

X3 - 1995-1999
LC - 2000-2002
LC2 - 2003-2006
MC - 2006.5

they are the body codes;):

hope that helped

- Mat
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Thanks for reply

but, where does one find the codes? part of the vin or on the door sticker or something? I know there is a code for the engine somewhere on the block.

cause I dunno if mine is LC2 or the 2006.5 ...

to get those exAlso anyone know if its possible haust parts through like lordco / mopac something like that, or the cost of shipping roughly to lower mainland BC, CAN?

also does it come with a manafold gasket or use the stock one or get a stock replacment?

says they charge $25 shipping in the Continental USA but since I don't know if that includes canada or if they are just talking about alaska to?

And the thread about that exhaust seemed like for some ppl it didnt fit, melted there bumper, questionable placment of O2 censors / Converter etc... or was that just during the development stage?
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Got some more info just now that will maybe help determine exactly what kind of car I have lol:

Paint: 5S
Trim: LT
Manufactured: Sep 05/05
V358241 (forgot what that was, but was on the same sticker)
I also have the VIN number if that would help.

And a sticker on the engine reveals:

G4ED5236809 XN28
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you have an LC2...same as mine....last year they made them...the new one's are MC
sharkracing has alot of good stuff, thanks for the link.

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