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So I'm seriously trying to get the 08 tiburon GS now ... and I was wondering if these worked & fit properly on this model:
I HATE the ones in the GS, and hope I can replace them with those ...
I'm wondering if I should get Road Race Motorsport's strut bars or Shark Racer Strut bars ...

I was also wondering about the quality of Shark Racer ... Can I get several inputs on this? - ty

Does ( Shark Racing ) fit on the '08 model?

Does ( Road Race Tiburon Bored Throttle Body [Road Race Tiburon Bored Throttle] - $299.00 : Road Race Motorsports, Road Race Motorsports ) prevent me from installing a new air intake? <- I have no idea what & where that part does & goes exactly so I'm curious ...

Thank you for helping.
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