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1.6 accent underdrive pulley

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unorthodox, black in color. ill even throw in the crank bolt if you want. from what i hear these things have been discontinued and ar like gold. well to me its like taking up space so here it is for sale.

$100 obo i guess.
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yours if you want it, ill ship it on monday if i have the payment. gimme a zipcode for shipping cost.
Las Vegas, NV 89130
5 day ground is 9 bucks. if i have the money tomorrow i will ship then. tomorrow may possibly be the last day for me to ship until next monday.
Check USPS for shipping :)
no sh!t. 2 day is 7 bucks. i can do that.

slight change of plans though. I thought i had tomorrow off but they called me today and said i have to work. everything needs to be paid for and shipped out by like 11am at the latest so i can go to work. no changes for your particular transaction but for other sales... if the money is there tonight it will go out tomorrow morning.

paypal [email protected]
Just gotta check on something and then I'll paypal you asap. Doesn't matter when it gets shipped...
Lemme know if 03 accent falls through:

[email protected]
it does matter to me when it gets shipped because i need the money for a new transmission. give me some sort of update on your situation.
reply in 24 hours or your dibs are lost.
bump - it's anyone's pulley now. i want to ship this out on friday who wants it?

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bump. somebody wants this pulley- come on all you 1.6 guys this is your chance!!!
will these fit the 1.5LC or X3?
yes they will
accentedeclipse answered the last post soooo.....

Originally posted by Erikgsi
i am about 99.9999% sure it will. its an alpha engine and the crank/block has not changed. the only reason i am not .0001% sure is because i have never tried it but its pretty much a sure bet.

can I make an offer? The last time I tried to buy a pulley the guy snatch my money and the pulley never got to me...can I trust you the ur crank pulley will get to me in good shape and exactly what it is? How about $90 shipped?
I am sorry about your past experiences, but that really had nothing to do with me. I can assure you that if you pay then you will get the pulley. ask around, I have sold quite a few things here, on ebay, etc. abd have never screwed anyone over. I wouldn`t do it. ask around there are numerous members here that have bought off of me. I have been a regular around here for like 4 years or something with almost 4000 posts. I will not go down on the price (i see other pulleys for sale exactly like this one for more than I am asking) but if you want it then you can have it. heck I will even throw in the crank bolt and extra washer if you want lol. if you don't trust me then that`s fine but I will be selling this to the first person who paypal`s me $107. I have a lot of other stuff for sale that will fit your car as well (head, coil packs, misc stuff- just see my scoupe for sale post) so if you want multiple parts then we can wheel and deal but for 1 item especially a high value item like this then you have my offer.
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still for sale? if it is ill probably take it but ill let you know in a couple days
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