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1.6 L N/A help...

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I'm looking to get some new cams, change the compression springs, and bore the intake/exhaust.

Is any of this possible?

What are the chances of anything BAD happening to the engine as a result?

Has anyone out there done this kind of work to a 1.6 Accent?

Uggg....I need help!:depressed:

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in the usa there is not much performance parts for the 1.6l, most of has to be all coustom made parts, you can kspec and see if they can get some parts from kdm!! make cams, springs etc.
Get programmable management first or yes, bad things will happen:??:
RPW is a load. They say that they no longer sell Hyundai Specific parts and are focusing on Proton and Mitsubishi:puzzled:. Whatever....Well thanks for the help guys.....

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Originally posted by fintile
Plus the car gets in the way of school because it's so slow!!
what the hell??? just wake up earlier you lazy bum.. haha jk :dead:
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