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Ok i got a automatic 1.6l accent i recently had my other trans go to hell so i had a tranny shop replace it with a used one about 86,000 miles on it. There was a big vibration going on they said it was because the car was in a accident well maybe. But everythings going good now.

Lets get to the real question i want just a basic lowest price turbo setup i can do without blowing anything to hell but getting some horsepower gain just so i could have the edge over these honda's. But is it worth it? And what would i all need? And if i am upgrading the engine power would i want to upgrade suspension to then to complement the power? Can somebody give me a full list of what i need!!! thanx

And i also live in Greenbay, Wisconsin i was wondering if anybody lives here that has the knowledge to help me do this setup or knows a shop that will.

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the turboing proses is totally worth it, to my opinion, especially to show honda people a thing or two.
for basic things u probably could get all u need to turbo for less then 2k.

turbo = $60-250
boost gauge = $30-170
piping = $40-140
custom header work = $60-300
custom exhaust work = $60-300
BOV = $20-200
AFC = $100-400
oil/water lines = $40
intercooler = $40-60

but just remember no piping kit is an exact fit for any car so have some nifty tools or friends by your side.:D
I personally am going to try a low boost method on my car too, witch just happens to be a 2001 1.6l auto accent.

key tips Ive learned off this site was
DONT GO OVER 200 hp with a stock transmission and axle.
10 psi is going over it.
you are aiming for 5psi.

o and u better find what is wrong with your car before you boost it because the problems WILL get worse under boost.
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