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1.8 tubular manifold

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first off i CANT type..does anyone know if the tubular exhaust manifold of a 1.8 litre flows as good as a shrk racing 421 friend had a aftermarket header on his 98 tibby and on my 97 elantra it came with a header style manifold that i cut the brackets off of and thermal wrapped...the pipes look the same diameter...just wondering since i dont care about looks and just want speed. which would be best? not doing turbo going super on it<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
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I would be willing to bet the tube diameters are close, but where the big difference would be found are in the 4-2 junction and the 2-1 junction. The SR unit is nice and smooth. The joints are tapered inside and out. I'm not sure the Stock 4-2-1 is that good.

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