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1.8L cam and CEL. Please help.

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A little while ago I installed a 1.8 cam into my Tiburon and since then I have had a CEL. I thought it was just the ECU complaining about the sudden change. But after I took it to the dealership to have the code read, I found out that th code was for the cam sensor. The mechanic told me that there was a little piece of metal on the cam that gives the sensor it's reading.

I guess I am going to have to open up the valve cover eventually to have a look. But I was hoping someone here can give me an idea what I am lookin for.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?
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I used a torque wrench and torqued it to the recomended specs.

Does anyone know what this sensor looks like or is located?
its located on the pulley side of the head. the cam sensor is a hall effect sensor that uses a magnet and a relucter ring to create a digital signal. Did you happen to forget to put the relucter ring back on perhaps? it looks like a gear with square teeth. or perhaps you put it back on wrong? Ive enver seen the inside of the tib head, but my guess is its related to how you reinstalled the reluctor ring
Is there any pictures of this?
Pull off your cam cover. On the pulley side of the motor, on the firewall side (sitting in the car, it's the right rear corner), there's a sensor with a couple of wires going to it (the sensor is actually in the head). Now look at the intake cam. On the end of the cam there's a pin that passes by that sensor as the cam turns. If you have a hole instead of a pin, you need to remove the pin from your stock cam and place it into the new cam. Then reset the code.
hello i have the same probleme with mine cam sesor when i put 1.8 intake cam in my 1999 elantra , yesthurday i whent to put my car on the dyno because i have adjustable sproket on exhaut and intake cam so all mark at 0 degres push 126hp at the wheel and 119 ft-pound
after adjuting cam 136hp and 132ft-pound and my check engine light was out :D ( parts in my engine ) cai,65mm tb and ported match the best i could ,1.8intake cam ,adj cam sproket intake and exhaut,1.8l exhaut manifold from 1997 wagon (4-2-1),2.25 inch exhaut front to back
I recently figured out what the problem was. It turns out that my intake cam was one tooth off. I moved the cam to the proper location and it worked just fine. The car runs smoother and unfortunately lost that really cool growl at high rpm. I also found there to be more power over the entire rpm range instead of just above 4000rpm.
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