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16 inch tires/rims

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I just realized I made a big mistake. All my 4 tires on my 99 tiburon were worn out (I recently bought the car). Anyway, I got a flat tire last month and decided to replace all of them. The mistake was that I replaced them with the same size as the original tires already on there (15" - 195/55/R15, I think). I really wanna change the rims to 16". Here are my questions:

1. Do you guys know if changing the rims to 16" would cause the car any harm?
2. Would 16" even fit?
3. What are the lowest profile tires you'd recommend for 16" rims?

Thanks for your help.
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Oh, btw, if I do get the 16" tires, would anyone be interested in buying the 15" brand new tires? (it's only got like 500km on them). I can post pictures if you'd like.
yes can do 16s quite easily. i believe u can go up to 18s. personally i think 17 is a good happy medium. 17s fill up the fenders pretty well with a 205/40 series tire. yes 40 series tires are kinda slim but not so bad they if u hit a big bump u will bend a rim. and yes i may be intrested on ur stock tires (depending on what u price them at). what kind are they?
thanks for the reply, man. They're BF Goodrich tires, P195/55/R15, brand new. Like I said, they've got about 500km on them. I bought them for $600. I'm asking $475 for all 4.
BTW, I've got original receipts for the tires I bought so that you can see date of purchase and price I paid.
what kind of bfgoodies? g sports, traction t/a's what? their are a few. if its g forces or better we might be in buisness cause thats what i have now. i auto cross with them so i go thru alot of tires. 8D and u paid 600$ for tires!! tirerack man, tirerack.

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I prefer 16" with 205/45/16 tires. They give a decent ride and improvement in handling over stock but aren't as rough as 17" with 205/40/17 tires. I had the 17's for about four years and finally got rid of them. The ride became a little too bone-jarring for me over time but they looked great on the car.
If you want looks go for 17", if you go for handling you're better off with 16". Usually the tires are cheaper so, that might be something to consider. Though I prefer my 17" over my 16" backup :devious: .
I also upgraded from 15" to 17". Tyre sizes now are 205/35/17 - very low profile!!
Car looks good and handling is better but not over the top better. 17' Tyres are
cheaper here in South-Africa comparing to 16" tyres. The lower the profile the
more chance you have to scrape your rim to.
i ran 17's before and switched to 16's with 205/40/16 .. i personally like 16's better..
Thanks for the replies, guys. I actually got some nice, 3 spoke, Prime rims, and 205/45/16. I still have to get them installed. That's not gonna happen until late August, at which point I'll post some pictures. I just thought that 17s were too much, and to go lower than 45 tires (ie. 40) I'd feel too much of the road, that's why I went with 45's on 16".
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