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16's and 1.2" drop on a 2001 GL

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I want to put some 16" wheels with 195/45 tires on my accent for the summer and also drop the car about 1.2" with the eibach springs and I wanted to know if anybody did this. Do the tides rub onto anything. What do you think should i go for the 16's or 15's. Did you find any better lowering springs then the eibachs? Thanks
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I did 195/50 tires on some 15" with the Eibachs and I only had trouble with a tiny bit of rubbing once in a great while when I had my heavy ass system in there and cornered really hard.

Without the system, no problems. With the systems and not cornering at about 40, no problems.

I have some Eibachs for sale if you're interested...
I have 17" wheel and coil-overs I am not sure exactly how much I dropped it but I would bet about 1.5" and I seem to do okay, but the coil-overs are a stiffer ride then the springs.
How much drop do these Eibachs have? I am interested in purchasing a set of springs
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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