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Ok please be gentle with me. I am not by any means knoledgable when it comes to cars. I am female and I don't drive this car often. So with that said this is my story.

My Gf and I bought a 1991 S-coupe about 7 months ago. It wasn't a bad deal because it was only 250$. The car had sat for 4 years. We put about 1500$ into it. brakes, tires, oil gaskets, new exhaust, and so on. the exhaust was shot and it had bad oil leaks, those were the only huge problems after they were fixed the car ran great for 5 months.

It is a manual, 5 speed and has a mitsubishi motor. About 2 months ago we started hearing tapping. The tapping grew to clunking in a matter of days. We don't know many mechanics. The friends we did have look at it gave us many different answers, so we have adjusted the timing, changed the alternator twice,and the battery, the gear and nut on the crank. The the nut on the crankshat had mysteriously came came loose and then fell off. making the car undrivable. In the crankshaft there is no keyway to hold the gear, pulleys,nut and so on. we puchased a new bolt from the dealer. put it on, but it isn't snug. we torked it to specification. The main problem is we are used to keyways. we even bought a remanufactured crankshaft, but it was the same way (not snug, loose) so we didn't bother putting it on. After having this problem for a month we finally just shimmed it with a .0006 in feeler gadge. it ran fine, no noise, no breaking down. then a few weeks later the noise came back and the nut was coming off again, we had to shim it again with a .0009 in feeler gadge. the gap keeps getting bigger.

I hope you can understand my problem. I am wondering if anyone has had this problem, has any ideas. I don't have alot of money to spend and in no way can I buy a new engine. I am thinking about buying a shortblock and just replacing it. I haven't had that many problems, but in the past few months it has broke down 6 times. I think I may have some sort of eletrical problem as well. If anyone also knows of any place to get a motor for my car, relatively cheap, that would be much appriciated also. please excuse any miss spellings and or ignorance. sorry this is so long, thank you for any time spent and help. my email is [email protected] please write me there with any help.<img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle>
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