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1992 Scoupe LS potential

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Hi, I see most of you guys have the newer Scoupe/Accent/Excel's and almost all of them are turbo or swaps, but I'm wondering what can be done with the stock internals to increase response and performance. As I've found, the stock 1.5l non-turbo engine runs at 91hp. Is it possible to raise this to 100 or even pushing it to 105-110 without any major engine work, and retaining reliability? My thoughts to this goal are below;

Throttle body and manifold ported 2mm larger and polished with a tornado-vane insert to keep the air swirling.
Custom welded exhaust header and 2 or 2.25" pipe all the way back (high flow cat and Dynamax super turbo exhaust). Does anyone know of a pre-made header that works with this engine?
Removal of the A/C unit (gas hog anyways). And A/C condenser radiator.
Custom built fiberglass CAI routed to the front of the vehicle and through a custom air box. This should work far better than the cheap, largely ineffective aluminum ones which heat up under the hood and simply make the intake air hotter instead of cooler.

Alot of this is simply bolt on (or weld on, in the case of the exhaust) and I realize the image of generic bolt on parts with the whole Ricer aspect of people dreaming their CRX to be the fastest thing to hit the road 'cause they stuck a five foot wing on it, dropped it by two inches, bolted on the cheapest CAI they found at walmart or Kragen and put a $20 fart-can on it. Oh yeah, adn can't forget the 50 stickers. And the all important V-tec, whether they actually have it or not.

This is not me. I want real, actual performance gain that can be measured, felt, and had fun with. I love this little car, but it needs more spunk and I'm not willing to do an engine swap unless the engine actually fails. Being that I need to do some body repair work after a front end accident (though I'm still driving it and it runs the same as before), I figured I'd do some cosmetic changes as well. What do you think about the following?

Tilt-forward hood w/custom fabbed hinge (the hood got this side of demolished, as did the lock, in the accident, so I'm going to go a bit unique) and pins.
14 or 15" rims, though I'm undecided on a design. Don't want to go stupidly large.
New KYB GR-2 shocks with 1" lowered springs (to make the rims and lower profile tires look more at home; need new shocks anyways).
New paint job; a dark, metallic battleship grey perhaps.

Interior is a nightmare but the good news is the previous owner installed an Infinity soundsystem so not much work to be done there.
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Your best bet is going to be to turbo it like it sits. I believe it can take the stock turbo setup as is. Some of the S-Coupe guys can help you out better there. In the mean time welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay 8D
Your Mk.I S-Coupe is Mitsubishi-powered.........& the best option is to swap-in a ex-DSM turbo motor!.

However, most of the mods. you proposed will give a reasonable b.h.p. increase......EXCEPT THE TURBONATOR!!!.......(this will only restrict your intake tract & do absolutely NOTHING for performance).

Have fun!
Hey, thanks for your thoughts on it and it's nice to here that at least I'd be on the right direction of I did decide to work on the stock engine. I noticed alot of people do go to a turbocharged DSM engine; and even a couple of high performance DSM and ex-DSM guys suggested nabbing the engine out of a mid 91-mid 92 Talon.

If I did decide to go that route, assumably this would not be a simple pull and drop installation. Are there any guides detailing the proceedure? What would I need engine wise, gearbox wise, etc..? I'm also assuming that I'd be using a different gearbox. Obviously the whole ECU for the doner engine.

I'm no stranger to a welder and angle grinder, if it means I would have to cut, weld or even have parts fabbed and welded into place. I find it extraordinarily hard to find info about my Scoupe anywhere online, save for small bits and pieces here and there. It seems such an under stated vehicle in its presense. And there are next to no aftermarket performance parts for it.


EDIT: Actually, what about simply swapping a turbo scoupe into the car? Considerably better gas milage than a doner Talon engine. Probably considerably less horsepower, too.

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Forget about the S-Coupe Turbo engine swap!.
The Hyundai engine on this car has the gearbox on the other end of the block to your Mitsu. motor & is totally different.

Fitting a DSM/Mitsu. turbo engine to your Mk.I S-Coupe is pretty-much `plug & play`.......although you would probably need the ECU & some of the wiring from the donor car.
You could keep your existing gearbox.......although I`d swap the complete powertrain.

Good luck,

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