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1993 hyundai scoupe turbo for sale 88000 miles

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car is driven everyday is in good condition has a rust spot breaking through above the passenger rear wheel. 2500 obo car is located in pennsylvania. Email me at [email protected] will be glad to answer any questions
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uhh..$2500 for a used rusted scoupe is too much..i could by a newer hyundai with that money

what's the mileage on the car and state's it for a way lower price
Its a rare car.... pay the 2500 or go eat a bowl of dicks
Its also an OLD hyundai. Unless its in the same shape as your car, US$2500 is too much for it. Can we see some pics?
may be interested. i need a car, and i love scoupe's hows the trans? leeking any oil?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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