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Hi Everyone,

This is the most active place I could find where I could possiably learn something about this car (1993 S-Coupe Turbo). I have had zero luck finding parts for this car.

First I'll start with the story.

My Brother got this car back in 1999. It was his first car and we were told it only had a bad water pump. Well when we got the car home We pulled the Engine out and found out that the head was crack and the block was also cracked. The turbo was also shot. So after finding a few random parts My brother got the car "fixed".

Now its 2007 and now it has become my car. If I can fix it I can have it. I just turned 17 and I like cars, taking them apart and fixing them and so on.

So I just wanted to know if there was a certain place to get parts or was there another engine that i could swap in to this 93' s coupe turbo also is there any place to get good body kits for the car.

Thanks for all you help. :cool:
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