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1997 tibbi fx gt-r?

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I'm purchasing a 97 tib fx. It says Gtr on the right hand side of the trunk. I know little about these cars and cant find a thing about a gtr version. Did this guy just super glue it on there or something?
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BAAAAHAHAHAHA!! Yes, he did.

This reminds me of that video on StreetFire with the guy that put a GT-R badge on his Mustang and was trying to convince everybody that the car was a "special edition" put out by Ford and that the GT-R badge came on there stock...
I used to work at a Cadillac dealership here in town. The used car manager had a Mustang GT and advertised it as a SVT Mustang GT-R. He swore up and down it was a GT-R because the previous owner replaced the GT badges with GT-R badges.

hahahahaha.....does it have a rotary engine too:lol:
Diesel rotary with vtec!
/ dont forget about the low comp pistons and the 4 barrel carb on that turbo diesel rotary tib
Thanks for the tip! Anyways I do not see how people can do these kind of things to their cars without it being a complete joke.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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