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2000 model Hyundai Lantra GLS 2.0 (G4GF) factory 5 speed manual. Fully optioned. Most things work...
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Yep. You will need T10 LED wedge globes for the main dash cluster (warning lights/indicators/backlighting) and I think there are some T5's as well? (pull the cluster out to check) There are polarity sensitive so they only work if they are installed correctly (if you don't have them in the right way it won't fry them, they just won't work until you pull them out and rotate them 180 degrees) I don't think the centre dash controls can be swapped but you will still need some incandescent globes in the dash lighting to act as a load for the dimmer.

I have done the rear disc swap on my J2 Lantra Sportswagon by using FX coupe parts. You will need hand brake cables, hub assemblies (hub mount, rotor and caliper with hoses) - the brake hose mounts are different so you will need to slip the brake hose clip on the wrong side of the mount but it'll work and... the rear stabiliser bar and bushes/brackets. Why? The coupe rear stabiliser bar is thicker and it is an AWESOME upgrade. If the rear of your Lantra likes to twist around like a battleship this swap is a good improvement.

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I first used a bunch of cheap LED's from ebay that simply had big dome LED's in adapters, then I swapped for all acrylic body LED's from AliExpress (superior brightness and light dispersion). They are dirt cheap. Also, swap the front parking lights and side marker indicators for T10 LED's as well while you're at it. The rear disc swap is all nut and bolt - no fabricating or chasing parts from different sources. See my thread for pics
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