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1998 Accent engine into a 2000 Accent?

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New here, and I've got a 2000 Accent with a dead engine and a friend with a 1998 Accent engine for my use, but we're not completely sure whether they're compatible or how difficult a switch it's going to be. Is this an easy switch? Thanks for any help you all offer up.

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Take a tiburon engine 2.0 liter (depends where you are, stipe got one for $350, jerzy got one for $400) it's not a straight bolt in, but you can re-use the stock harness, tranny, brakes, axles...

YOu'll be adding about 45 hp to the car.
A beta swap would be better but that 98 accent engine will drop in, and the electronics from your current motor should be used on it. Crankshaft and camshaft sensor, your newer maf, etc etc. it should all work out just fine. no need to rig or anything. everything will bolt right up (same engines) and the exhaust is a little different, but should not matter (the cat is on the manifold on yours and on the 98 it's not, but no biggie,
Thanks much for the help. And yeah I've read up on the Beta and it sounds very intriguing.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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