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1999 Stock Air intake seems blocked?

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I just had a quick look at my wife's 1999 Tiburon and notice it has the same air intake as the 2000. But I also noticed that the air intake seems to be behind the seal of the hood when it shuts. On the 2000, they've got an air intake with a little deflector to help channel air to the intake. With my quick look I couldn't see any such channel on the 1999.

Maybe that's why my 2000 seems a bit faster than the 1999? I always attributed it to the shifting (it's a bit crisper in the 2000), but maybe it doesn't get as much air.

Any thoughts? I'll have to have a better look again later.

2000 Red Tiburon
1999 Blue Tiburon w/Shark Wing
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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