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1999 Stock Air intake seems blocked?

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I just had a quick look at my wife's 1999 Tiburon and notice it has the same air intake as the 2000. But I also noticed that the air intake seems to be behind the seal of the hood when it shuts. On the 2000, they've got an air intake with a little deflector to help channel air to the intake. With my quick look I couldn't see any such channel on the 1999.

Maybe that's why my 2000 seems a bit faster than the 1999? I always attributed it to the shifting (it's a bit crisper in the 2000), but maybe it doesn't get as much air.

Any thoughts? I'll have to have a better look again later.

2000 Red Tiburon
1999 Blue Tiburon w/Shark Wing
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That Dryer Hose method is also refered to as the "Snorkus" mod.

It's what we used to do in the old days before anyone made CAI's for Tibbies.

Leave it to Random to Needlessly complicate things.
here is the "updated" modified "snorkus" with a Cone style air filter.

Leave it to Random to Needlessly complicate things.
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