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2.0 auto eclipse won't shift out of second

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my friend has a 2.0 auto eclipse that just recently decided to not shift out of second gear. even when manual dropped into low it still stays in second. 3rd and overdrive don't work either. other than that the car runs good. is there a sensor that controls it or something else that isn't mechanical? thanks for the help guys.
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Could be the TCU. The dealer can scan for TCU errors I believe. In my experience if an automatic tranny is computer controlled and it's all of the sudden decided to stop shifting it's usually gone into limp home mode.

There could be various reasons to go into limp home mode from a loose electrical connector to bad speed sensor to major internal transmission failure. If the TCU is not fried it should have the fault code that caused limp home mode.
The 2 MAIN reasons why the auto won't shift (it is in 3rd gear btw) is the pulse generator and reed switch (if the odo is mechanical) or the output speed sensor if the odo is electronic.

You need to scan the codes (in trans mode) and find what the codes mean. The 2 liter Eclipse tranny is similar to ours.
i think it is stuck in second not third because it revs too high for it to be in third and the acceleration is still pretty good. i will tell him to have the trans scanned for error codes. thanks guys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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