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2.0 swap in a 95 accent

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Hi everyone. I am new to hyundaiperformance .com but not new to the scene. Dru_Wilson from fxtreme
Wondering if anyone could shed some light on my problem.
I have been looking into swapping the 2.0 for some problem...the 95's are different than the 97-99's. The motormounts are on the block on my 95, whereas two of them are on the tranny on the 97-99's. I found this out the hardway. Had some custom work done to the head and intake of a 98 motor. took out my 95 motor and was attempting to switch the mounts. Realized they were different. The 98 had two of the mounts on the tranny. WTF. Luckily all I had was head work done so I just switched the head and intake up. What I am wondering is...will it be possible to swap in the 2.0 in my 95 if I change the crossmember and get a 98 gsi tranny, or will that even work. If possible I would like to drop in a tib tranny. I plan on building the motor completely to support a T3/T4 turbo with lots of boost. I want to be running at least 300hp
Unfortunately I have to wait at least a year and a half as I am back in school working on a new career. Sky is the limit when I am done...mad bling bling.
Other option is a 2001 GSi to drop it in or building the 2.0 for the 2001 Elantra.
Right now with all my mods (see my profile)on my 1.5 SOHC I have only managed a 16.6 @ 81mph. I find it disappointing
Anyway, any suggestions or ideas?? Thanks

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The Mitsu Trany will not bolt up to the Beta motor<img src=icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle>

You best bet to do the Beta motor will be to change all the mounts but I do not know if it is possible and if so how much it will run.

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'96 and up are ok. The '95 is the only year that is different.

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