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2.4 Swap

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The 1.8 and 2.0 swaps are very popular for the accent and inexpensive for a quick boost of horsepower. A 2.4 from a Sonata has enough room in the engine compartment for the Accent. The only problem that would come into play is the Tranny and axles. Alpha and beta trannys are interchangable and the axles fall into place. My question is about the simialarity between the 2.4 tranny and axles to the 1.6 alpha. If the axles have to modified is the 162 hp worth the $500 axles.
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You're talking about a Theta swap and as far as I know nobody has done one yet. I think it would be a good choice but unfortunately nobody will be able to answer most of your questions more than likely.

I would be very surprised if Accent axles mated up to the transmission. I don't know though.
if the accent axles do mate up. it probably wont be for long.

if you do try the swap. I hope you have plenty of resources and $$.
I was given a $3000 labor estimate for the swap if I provided the engine. That's compared to a $800 labor estimate for a Beta swap.
Try doing some research on HMAservice, it may be possible if some of the specs are similar.
why spend 500 on new axles when you could get some from the junkyard for like 50
Because he would need new custom axles made which splined into the Theta tranny and out to his knuckles that are the right length.:D
...even if you did mount it. I beleive the engine would hit the ground.. Or i'm thinking delta.

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I am going to look more into the swap axles are definetly the fail prospects the work and money will be a headache but the originality will be worth it Ar3
There is a company called gator axels that can make you some custom axels.
lots of shops can make custom axles. find one local
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