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Hi All, I have a few questions that I'm hoping to get some insight on.

My car (2000 1.5L Accent GL) has been having exhaust issues for some time now. The flexpipe between the cat. and the midpipe resonator has been cracked and patched so as to muffle the noise, which worked for a while. Then it came back, and within 2 weeks, it ended up sounding like a diesel truck in a demolision derby, which is to say LOUD!. I figured the crack opened into a hole, so i tried to repatch, but the sound didnt get quiet again. Turns out, the problem is not at the flexpipe, but upon further inspection, it appears that the Header has separated from the top of the Cat. (It may also be a cracked header...). My mechanic is going to take a full look at it monday morning. However, he did some basic research and evidently the Headers+Cat is a single, dealer only part at like 800 bucks for the part. My mechanic is saying he MIGHT be able to save the cat. conv. depending on what he sees when he looks at it.

Now, i dont know if he can maybe re-weld those two parts back together or not. But, if the headers->cat system is all effed up beyond wondering if maybe i ought to go with the aftermarket route. Not so much for performance, but if the cat. can be might cost less to purchase aftermarket headers and have my mechanic do some fabrication to reroute the cat. conv. and o2 sensor to the area after the flexpipe and before the resonator (???)

It seems to me to fall out this way:
OEM Manifold+Catalytic Converter= 800 dollars, plus about 90 bucks for a new flexpipe looking at ballpark 1000+ for a 2000 Accent GL with 82,000 miles.

Aftermarket headers= About 400 it seems, which includes the flexpipe section it looks like., and then either salvage the existing cat, or pay up to about 100 bucks for a new one (high flow possibly?), plus labor/fabrication....i might be able to do for about 700 i guess.

Now, im no mechanic or mathematician....but it seems like the aftermarket route is obviously cheaper, and as a side bonus....would result in a slightly more powerful 1.5L Accent??

The main questions are, is my thinking correct? do my calculations appear reasonable? is there something i should be aware of / concerned about? And....if i go the aftermarket my car(man. 5 spd.) best suited to the 4-1 headers, or should i be looking at the 4-2-1 system? Lastly....if i go the aftermarket route....who would be the best/most affordable/reliable manufacturer?

Please email me directly at [email protected] with any and all replies. My car will get its final diagnosis on Monday morning. Id like to resolve the issue as soon as possible and as cheaply as possible. I no longer have a warranty, so im not so hung up on maintaining that....but i do need my car to be reliable for at least another year or two if not longer.

Thanks in advance!!!

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