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Hey guys hoping to get some help for my gfs tiburon.

Within the past couple months she was getting warm air with the AC on, wouldn't happen all the time at first and the issue was blown off...

Recently with increasing ambient temps the AC has been more in demand... Sometimes it will work ok and other times it would blow hot and engine temp would even begin to creep up... This made me suspect a cooling fan issue...

Sure enough with the ac on the drivers side fan would not come on even with 13volts going to the fan. (voltage would be 0 until ac cycled and ran for a while... then the voltage would jump to 13ish... no movement on the fan)

I was busy so a local shop installed a new fan that seemed to fix the problem for a few days. AC blew cold air and the engine temp was in check...

Then the fan died again (actually melted the wires on the fan, not sure if it was from poor routing on the shops part or what?? Didn't look), they replaced the fan free of charge obviously with another NAPA replacement unit. This fan has been working fine for about a week and a half and now she is having the same issues again??? Good voltage to the fan no turn...

Any ideas?

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