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2001 2.0L 5spd

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Hi I'm buying a 2001 2.0L 5spd today. Silver...loaded...looks great. I had to decide between leather or sunroof...I went with leather...anyway, can someone tell me what would be the most affordable performance upgrade...I'm thinking a better intake system...what does everyone else think?
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Hey! I just bought a 2001 Colbalt Blue Tiberon on Monday! We're both newbies!! :) ISn't it great? I love it sooo much. I ahve wanted a Tiburon for like a year and don't really like the new 2002 style so I new I had to get goin' pretty quick and get the 2001 before they were all gone!

I would be interested in that information also, does anyone know what an intake adds to the Tibby??

2001 Colbalt Blue Hyundai Tiburon
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