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2001 Accent gl

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I have a few questions...

I had a recent change in scenery when it comes to cars, twice. I went from a BMW 2002, to a honda prelude 4ws, to a 2001 accent GL, and i was just wondering what i could do to get more bang out of its four little cylinders.

Heres what i know about the car:

1.5l SOHC 12v
Front disk, rear drum
5 speed manual

The car handles well, with just enough rear end drift to make it fun. Its still 100% stock, but im looking for any help on performance ad ons. so at this point any help would be greatly appritiated.

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Hi there. I own a 95 but pretty much the same thing.

I intalled a custom intake with Reactive Filter. Did the bi pass on the throttle body heater house. Easy to do. Since I'm female I did it in less then 20 minutes Easier to do when you changing the intake also. I Changed my exhaust over from stock to 2 and 1/2 inche with high flow cat and reactive tuned import exhaust. Did some head work Plained it down .3000 and got the valves redone. Ported and polished. Stuck some 14 american racing rims on it. 750 cfm fan ( to some this is false and not recomended but hell everything you do to a car isn't recomended.)this blowes straight into the intake. I read somewhere that a 240 sz throttle body will bolt up with some work. I haven't tried it yet. Stage 2 clutche. Stiffer springs for better handleing. Other then that ther is some other stuff I have done also. The car is peppy and fast. Possible to drift but the rear brake caples are touchy. SO are the rear Brakes..
Wow, thanks a bunch for the quick response. I just looked at the shark racing website, and saw they have a turbo kit(something ive always wanted to do to this car) but anyways...

Thanks for the info, if anyone else has any tips, tricks or add ons, just let me know.

Also, i just went outside and noticed its an 02 not an 01
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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