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The local dealership has a single G4G<b>D</b> beta engine with about 2500 miles on it that is ready to sell. This is the D series, which means it has the solid lifters instead of the HLA's that came with the older engines.

This engine came from the factory with a contaminated rod bearing on #2, and lightly knocks at 2500 RPM's. This is a perfect donor engine for making a monster buildup, as using new rods and whatnot would mean you'd have to replace the bearings anyway.

This is basically everything on the ENGINE itself, so it doesn't include the flywheel, crank pulley or any manifolds. This does include the cylinder head, both cams, the block, pistons, rods, crank, timing belt cog, oil and water pumps, et al.

Asking $300 + shipping (if needed). Engine is physically located in Albuquerque New Mexico.

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