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2001 or 2003??

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If everyone had the choice to get either an auto 2001 or an auto 2003, both l4s & both about the same package....what would u get.....& what would u expect the price change to be???

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2k1 I4 vs. 2k3 I4

2k1 wins hands down....not near the same weight.

2k3 if your going manual for the revamped 5spd.
2k1 lower price, faster,same warranty

I would only get the 2003 if i'm going to get the v6. If youre going to get the 4cyl might as well get a deal on a 2k1 (2003 start at 15,500+-)

GEez man stay away from the auto though,..,,if you;re going to be modding might as well learn how to drive a standard. It'll take you all of 2-3hrs, a parking lot, and plenty of practice from then on.

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