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2001 tib and zex dry kit

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I have a 2001 Tiburon (2.0L) that now has 90k miles on it. I have been looking at nitrous systems for some time but never seriously until now. I ran into a pretty darn good deal on a zex dry computer controlled kit. I wana do a 55 shot maybe 65, nothing about that. From what I have read I think I need plugs that have a smaller gap and a cooler. Does anyone have and experience with the zex dry kit? Furthermore, does anyone have any experience with putting nitrous on a 2001 Tiburon? Any helpful advice or info would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this info has been hashed already but im just trying to figure out what I need from people who have went thru this before.
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I think those still us a return line so you could get away with a dry kit. I wouldn't go very much over 50shot dry. :ermm:
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