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It's time to sell my 01 Tiburon. I have really enjoyed this car since I drove it off the dealer lot brand new. It has been lovingly maintained and well cared for. I hardly ever drive due to poor health and I can;t stand seeing it in my garage and not being able to enjoy it. I have a lot of extra parts that will come with it. I have no interest in parting this car out. It is in far too good shape to do that. Here is a list of aftermarket parts on the car or included in the sale.

Tenzo R DC-6 16" wheels
Intrax Lowering Springs
Shark Racing front and rear strut tower bars
AOS Racing cold air intake/OEM airbox as well
Ported and polished Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
MBRP Racing cat back exhaust/OEM exhaust as well
Nology Hotwires spark plug wires in blue
MOMO shift knob and pedals
Shark Racing gauges
custom leather shift boots
Eclipse CD head unit
Custom fiberglass subwoofer enclosure
RF dual subwoofers
Eclipse amplifier
OEM and aftermarket Tail Lenses
OEM and aftermarket clear corners/signal lenses
VIS carbon fiber hood { slight cracks in clearcoat but carbon is perfect }

Full disclosure, It is due for a timing belt though belt does look great. The MBRP aftermarket exhaust needs a new flange welded on. The car currently is running the OEM exhaust. The only actual issue this car has is a check engine light for "small evap leak". I am pretty sure it is the gas cap and I do have an extra or two in my bag of Hyundai parts. That's it. It has 51,000 miles and a brand new transmission { replaced by a Hyundai dealer } with less that 500 miles on it. Pretty much everything I have put on for aftermarket parts has the OEM part to go with it right down to the original wheels and springs. The car has to be seen to be appreciated. It's near perfect. It has been garaged since new.

I'm looking to get $3000.00 for it. I have a couple thousand into aftermarket parts alone. I recently went car shopping with a family member and I couldn't get a car in this shape with this mileage and a new transmission for this money.
I have tons more photos if somebody is interested. The car is located in Cape Cod Massachusetts.

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