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2001 tiburon radio fitment

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I have the 2 dimm cd/cassete player. Where do you find an aftermarket that will fit. My OEM radio faceplate has those rounded edges. How would an aftermarket fit in without looking odd?
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There are two styles of radios. Mine is the single din with a pocket. There is a plastice divider that comes factory so your new radio mounts in with the factory brackets. Yours requires a muti - kit that you can get from your local best buy intstallation bay. I know because i install audio video and security for my Best Buy in Indiana.
Japan has some sweet dull dim head units if you wanted to go that way you can find some on ebay and other places. Yea there are the kits with the pockets but ideally would be to get a kit for your car and not a multikit, just because it will look a little nicer with the rounded edges but the multikit will work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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