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they work in very different ways. they both are sensors to measure how much air is basically going into your engine. the ECU checks with the MAF or MAP and calcuates the Air/Fuel mixture according to tables stored in the ECU based on the readings from the MAF/MAP

MAF = mass air flow. the sensor is usually located right after your air filter, it's generally more accurate then a MAP sensor, but they in general are very very delicate. i know that VW's and Soobs have alot of MAF problems on their MAF equipped cars.

MAP = Manafold Absolute pressure. it basically does just what it says, determines how much air is coming in based off the pressure at the intake manafold. their generally really tough sensors, but arent as accurate. Honda uses MAP sensors almost exclusively.

i dont really see how there would be much performance difference between the two, just the MAP is a tiny bit more accurate. i know on my 18t i have both MAP and MAF sensors, and i can disconnect the MAF and i dont see hardly any performance difference between the two.


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