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2002 1.6L Tiburon won't start after playing PS2.

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This is some Irish dudes 1.6L 2002 tiburon . anybody got any ideas?

I installed a ps2 in the car yesterday, just used the cig lighter to power it, I was playing with it for about half an hour, unplugged it and then started the car up and started driving!
After about an hour, the ABS light came on, then the car wouldn't rev over 3k, minutes later the airbag light came on. I went home and when I turned the car off, the car wouldn't restart.
I got jump leads, jump started it and brought it to my dads house to recharge the battery.
Left it on all night, put in about 1pm and started driving. Was working 100%. Then I played the ps2 for 10mins while the car was running, as to not waste battery.
About half an hour later, same things happen as night before so I went and got a BRAND NEW BATTERY, figuring it wouldn't hold the charge!
Played ps2 for another 10mins while car was runnung to see what would happen.
About an hour later I was sitting up the town, car running and I went to rev it up and it stopped at 3000 revs, was driving home, most warning lights came on and the lights dimmed down.
Car cant be started, needs jump start, it now has new battery in but I doubt it would have drained in one day!?
I also have a dvd lcd screen headunit but it never caused any bother before....ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS WTF IS WRONG?

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maybe its a bad alternator.
Yeah, pull the alternator and get it tested. It sounds like there is a problem with the charging system.
Damn this is hella scary considering I just installed PS2 inm y car as well, but im running a 150watt power inverter. However the power inverter is plugged into my cigg. lighter and its also connecting to my radar detector... Try not to use the PS2 unless the car is running, that way the power isnt coming directly from the battery as the ps2 does use a considerable amount of juice and can drain an older battery rather quickly.
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