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I just found your forum and am finding it to be very useful.
My problem is that I just brought my 2002 elantra to the shop to replace the radiator & thermostat and as soon as we were pulling out of the shop the check engine light came on and the engine was revving/idling high (about 1.5-2 rpm). The mechanic said that he thought we need to replace the IAC motor. I have been seeing posts about the TPS and was wondering if this could have anything to do with this problem. We brought it to Autozone today to check the ECM and it came up with the code P0507- IAC circuit condition or idle speed higher/lower than expected. Also, the revving problem seems to be less as long as i am running the fan inside the car. Our Hyundai dealership wants $75 to run it on their computer and I am not sure if this is any different than the test that Autozone did already.
Any help that anyone can contribute is greatly appreciated.:)
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