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I have the 2002 Sonata LX, and have noticed a couple of minor annoyances - does anyone know of a fix, and has anyone else experienced this?

1. Strange ticking or rattling noise coming from or near the AC compressor - seemingly random, sometimes slow and non-rythmic, sometimes fast and furious, sometimes louder than other times - always present and very noticeable at idle, seems to disappear (or become inaudible) at higher RPM - not dependant on any other systems (A/C, lights, etc.) - dealer sprayed some WD40 at it (??!!) and scratched his head...

2. Air leak (wind noise) coming from driver's side window or door seal - I keep checking to see if the window is all the way up - it is.

Any suggestions (or like experinces so I know I'm not crazy) appreciated... Thanks.

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