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2004 Sonata 2.7V6 aftermarket parts

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After alot of searching though post I'm no futher finding anything for my car 2004 Sonata 2.7 V6 Autotronic 4speed/automatic. Found a bunch of links but none worked or took me anywhere of any use. Ofcourse most were on posts that were 2 to 3 yrs old. Found alot of posts stating that the 5gen. 2.7v6 had alot of compatible performance part with the tiburon... is this true? if so what years and parts? Any links would be of great help.
I unsucessfully tried to run a short ram intake but only ran into problems... 1st problem: a nice gas smell like it was running too rich, 2nd problem: didn't shift quite right or very predictibly with the intake on for some reason. Any guesses? maybe an ECU problem, possible reset it? if so how? disconnect the battery as with most cars? or could it be an air volume or speed problem? I was running a K&N cone filter (with a 3" inlet dia. and 6 1/2" filter length) straight off the MAF, is this big enough for this this motor? And it had this great sucking sound when first was started till it warmed up, is that typical of set-up? the reason I ask is the only other car I've had a custom intake on was an accent and I never heard any extra noise.
Thanks in advance
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Yeah, having the filter right off the maf is your issue. If you just ran it out a little more with some pipe you would be fine.
Thanks wilburisthecoolest, have to give it a try.
Anyone else?
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