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I am now completely puzzled. This problem started over a month ago – spark knocking, lurching, minimal response to accelerator positioning, occasionally stalls…almost like it is running out of gas. But, it would not do this all the time…sometimes it would run for a few days just fine, then out of nowhere, it would start giving me this problem.

At first I thought it was water in the gas since the very first time it happened was 20 minutes after filling the tank. So, I tried a gas additive to get rid of any potential water in the fuel tank, over the course of 3 tank fills…didn’t help.

Then I replaced the fuel pump…didn’t help.

Started to notice it was happening more frequently (now daily), but always after about 20 – 30 minutes of driving. Let it sit and cool down for a while, it would be fine until it heated up again. The engine temperature never overheated…stayed around 205 – 210 degrees.

Checked the codes and found a code for the cam sensor, cylinder 1 misfire and cylinder 4 misfire. Cleared these codes and restarted the engine. Reved it up until it started acting-up again so I could recheck the codes…did this 3 times. Each of the 3 times it only returned a cam sensor code, nothing else. So, I replaced the cam sensor (which was only 8 months old…it was replaced back in November)…didn’t help

To summarize:
Runs rough and stalls after 20 – 30 minutes of driving
Tried gas additive to get rid of water
Replaced fuel pump
Replaced cam sensor
Nothing has solved the problem

Any suggestions…

I forgot to mention - also replaced spark plugs when the fuel pump was replaced.
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