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2006 Elantra GT

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5 door Elantra GT stock 2.0L (In canada I think this is the equivilant to the VE - It has manual trasmission with power windows/locks and AC)

With 1/8th tank gas floor mats/daughter's car seat removed and all junk emptied from car (including glove box)

1997 Eagel Talon (AWD)
2002 Ford F-250 (big block 6.0L?)
2001 Chev 1500 (small block 5.3L)
1996?Chev Cavilier (4 cyl)

Best ET 17.081 @ 80.643 MPH
Slips to prove!

What all can I do to the car without voiding the powertrain warrenty? (Canada)

Raced at North Central Motorpark near Prince George, BC - STREET RACING KILLS - PAY THE $20 FOR LEGAL DRAGGING AT YOUR LOCAL TRACK!!! :smoking:
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Cold Air Intake, catback exhaust, headers...umm...not sure what else lol.
are u sure that talon was awd because i dont think a 17 second car can beat a 15 second car unless the guy had an anchor on the rear it was prolly the esi which should run like 16.5
I know the Talon was AWD. Perhaps an old motor though (200,000+ km). I'd love to pull off some low 16s but my best reaction time was .748. If I could knock that down to a .4-.5 and work on my shifts a bit, I might be able to pull off 16s or even a high 15.

The dealer said that I can't do anything (porting or cams etc...) to the motor without voiding the warrenty. Is that true?
They're right for once...porting and cams and junk would blow the warranty away. Basically, you can do anything that doesn't alter the actual engine itself. So just basically exactly what I said...intake, headers, and exhaust.
I cant see that being an AWD either, but if youre sure about it then good job.
AWD - harder to drive so it could have been a newb with a weak motor. Ive seen GST's run 16.5s at the track. Its possible

17.0 is a normal stock time for an elantra. They do not run low 16s stock.. quickest stock I know of is 16.5.

R/t will not change your time, but it will just help you win the race. Work on your 60ft (what was it?) to get better times.
Screw all the BS mods. Just save up for a turbo.
i sthat a stock XD GT?

baiocco,wow..where have you been??
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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