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2006 or 2007 Tiburon?

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I was wanting to sell my accent and go buy a 2006 or 2007 Tiburon SE and can't decide which to mod. Or i'll buy a nissan 350z. Let me know your opinions.
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****a tiburon...go with the 350z son! close to 300hp stock....
go join a nissan site faghat
Why would you come onto a Hyundai website and ask a bunch of Hyundai car owners if you should buy a Nissan? Get a clue bro.:??:
Are you going to put the extra 12 grand into mods? Then get the tib and watch the 350 in your rear view. Thats a big price difference between those cars, what is realistic to you? If Money isn't a factor, go get the Porshe. I always wanted a 911 myself.
I got my tib because of the value for dollar spent, and its a great looking car. I also looked at the Z, but it wasn't at all practical for my only car. Now as a fun only car it would be great to play with. I get to do both with the Tib.
Get the Z! with Navigation! Its more luxurious by most people and with that HP you should be fine, Unless you just want to race every single day...
i have a 350z as well. ive been trying to sell it for a couple months now. i hate it. by the way, its not 300whp. its heavy as shti, and im just really dissapointed in it. my moderately tuned tibby blows it out of the water. i would suggest you test drive it. and look under the hood. good luck tuning it. just to put my new cai in it it took me almost half a day because i had to take all kinds of crap out to fit it. the interior sucks. i don't know how the others are, but my 03 has two speedometers. blech. and the damn seat belts rattle loudly all the time. i got it because it looked good and i regret it. warranty sucks on it too. im just pissed off, if you like it great, but i think it sucks. it dyno'd in at about 219 whp by the way
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