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2006 Sonata GLS
141k miles

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Cursory research within this forum and others shows the (Hyundai) P0711 code typically means the TCM isn't getting consistent signal from the transmission oil sensor; and this condition may be due to a faulty sensor a/o faulty harness (among a few other less-likely things). It seems the oil sensor and harness are separate parts in the '06; 46386-3A050 and 46308-3A550, respectively (Fun fact: Mid 2013, the oil sensor was integrated into the harness).

I found Hyundai TSB15-AT-011 that covers this issue from 2015. I need the TSB that covers P0711 t'shooting and repair procedure for the 2006 Sonata.

Anyone have any experience with this job? Can you post a link to a relevant TSB?
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