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the Accent has never really received the respect it deserves. For years now it has been an excellent platform for those who want to get from point A to point B economically. In fact, in 2008 J.D. Power and Associates rated the Accent highest in its class in their Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS). This study is far more important than the Initial Quality study as it looks at three-year-old vehicles. Back in 2005, the Accent's two competitors were the Chevy Aveo and the Scion xA (the predecessor to the xD).

What has made the Accent such a good choice in the past is Hyundai's commitment to quality – even on such an entry-level vehicle. Make no mistake, the Accent puts the basic in basic transportation, and while you can call it inexpensive (the 4-door GLS model starting at just $12,920) it is certainly not cheap.

Hyundai is able to deliver such a high level of quality for so little money because the company has economized in other areas – namely in the technology of certain aspects of the car. This isn't necessarily a critique, as there’s no particular reason the technology in a sub-compact car has to be cutting-edge. The old ideas and materials seem to work just fine.

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